Friday, 14 October 2011

Shout Out

Just wanted to convey PM's gratitude to Moss and Faithful. Had a gander at, thanks for spreading the word. We'll try to tone down the pompousness.

As for black backgrounds being so-2004; Black is ALWAYS sexy. Plus it was a homage to ZM, which is Apple white. So there.

LATER ADDITION: PM have covered every match of Round 1. It's unlikely subsequent rounds will be as extensively covered, we just wanted a baseline of comparison. That's where our 'most exciting match' polls come in - we'll be using those as a guideline for which games receive a full Match Analysis, and which are given low priority.

PM came so close to reaching the mythical 200 page views in one day mark. On the 13th, we received 197. Today, we're already on 130. Fingers crossed.

LATER ADDITION: Well thanks to all PM readers, particularly the new contingent from Thanks to you, PM have hit 234 page views in a day. Adelaide v Victory match report is coming, probably some time tomorrow afternoon. Again, we'll ask for your patience and understanding.

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