Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Addendum to Emerton as fullback

PM recently explored the notion that Brett Emerton, might be more productively deployed by Sydney at fullback than at wide midfield or on the wing. This is because fullback has become the most important position on the pitch, because in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, a fullback is without a direct opponent; they have time and space to advance. Advanced of the fullback, Emerton is closely marked by the opposition leftback, and obliged to provide close support for the lone striker, which prevents him from launching his superb crossing range.

It's a become a cliche to say that fullbacks are more wingers than defenders in modern football and there is some truth to this, as fullbacks are expected to provide width as the wide forwards cut-in. So why is there a public reluctance to give fullbacks their due credit?

Jonathan Wilson suggestes that it is due to the characterisation given to the term itself; 'fullback' has an overtly defensive connontation, and suggests the player must have a primarily defensive disposition. But Brazil, a country famous for its production line of attacking wing-backs (in a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2) in Roberto Carlos, Maicon and Dani Alves does not use the word 'fullback' to describe the position - the English translation is 'lateral' which conveys width or wide play over depth or defensive responsibility.


Cherry said...

I love this stuff guys - have been looking for detailed analyses and explanations of formations, tactics etc. ever since I 'converted' to football in 2004 (after watching Portugal's opening game at Euro - I was amazed at what they were doing and thought, I have to find out how they do that!). More please!

Pass and Move said...

Thanks for your support Cherry

Can I ask how you find out about this site?

PM's focus is on Australia, but there are a number of other analysis sites out there, recommend starting with PM's recommended reading on the sidebar


Faithful said...

They need to do this for the Brissy game. Surely the only way for Sydney to expose Roar this weekend would be on the counter down the flanks.

Therefore, having Emerton at RB would mean they would have a great outlet for starting accurate counter attacks.

Pass and Move said...

If Sydney are looking to counter attack, Emerton would probably be better positioned closer to the opposition goal.

Counter-attacking sides generally concede space and possession in favour of sitting deep. The idea behind Emerton at fullback is to give him space and time to use possession.

Thanks again for the comment faithful