Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blog Rule

Pass and Move recommend interesting/fascinating articles or posts to our Aussie audience.

These are a couple of articles that have been hanging around the Favourites bar for ages.

This one is by a Brazilian-Canadian blogger who was up late one fateful night and happened to stumble upon last season's A-League Grand Final.

Here is a English tourist's impressions of the A-League, where he paid tribute to the salary cap and the fan support, two things which are occassionally criticised.

This was an ESPN retrospective on Postecoglou's impact on Brisbane.

Football Further posts a tactical review of the 2011 Asian Cup, and makes an interesting point regarding the Kewell/Cahill partnership.

Holding Midfield take a look at the concept of Moneyball and the larger issue of stats in football. Also 5 of the most elegant slide tackles you'll ever see.

And this is ZM's tactical review of the 2010 World Cup.

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