Thursday, 27 October 2011

Notice for Perth and Central Coast

Note to all Perth and Central Coast fans, few of whom ever visit this site.

PM hasn't devoted much coverage to either club since Round 1, but rest assurred, there are 'developments' behind the scenes for both the Mariners and the Glory.

Expect an analysis of the general systems/formations/shapes employed by Arnold and Ferguson, coming soon.  Conveniently enough, the two clubs are meeting in Gosford in Round 4, so in all probability, PM will cover that match, if there is demand for it.

If anyone is REALLY keen for a Round 3 Newcastle v Central Coast Analysis, speak up now (in the comments) or forever hold your peace.

Thanks for your support

The Round 3 Match Analysis for Adelaide and Sydney will be 'cancelled'. I'll post it anyway for the match diagram, but it should be regarded as incomplete.


Adam said...

Hi P&M.

The more the merrier, I say!
The analysis on your site is brilliant, and very much appreciated. The best that I've seen - including AFL and EPL sites.
I'm an AFL fan trying to get into the A-League more this season (which is made difficult by not having foxtel), so learning the tactical side of football is fantastic.
It also helps my fantasy team!


Pass and Move said...

Hey Adam, thanks for your support, your comment is very much appreciated.

I'm a rugby union convert myself, if you're keen to learn more about tactics, check out the recommended reading on the sidebar, ZM and Jonathan Wilson especialy.

Pack your fantasy back line with attacking fullbacks.

Pass and Move said...

Can I also ask how you found out about PM Adam?