Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One thousand served - internal review of PM

Pass and Move have been up and running for a month now. In that month, we've posted 41 articles about the Socceroos and the A-League, and now, we've passed the 1000th page view mark.

I'd like to thank all of our readers for their invaluable support. Hopefully you've all responded positively to what PM have had to say. Pass and Move's mandate has been, from the very beginning, to elevate the understanding and stimulate debate about the tactical side of football in Australia, and with the imminent launch of A-League Season 7, PM believe we are about to witness the highest standard of football ever seen in the Lucky Country.

In terms of what our readers can expect in the coming season from PM; this will be the first regular season we cover. Our plan is to publish at least one or two A-League Match Reports per round; games covered will be determined by a mixture of tactical interest, title significance and popularity among readers, as determiend by PM's sidebar polls. This will probably result in less 'general' articles (which had been a necessesity in the off-season), in favour of a match-centric approach (similar to Zonal Marking). Coverage of the Socceroos qualifying matches will continue, especially given their infrequency. PM will also continue experimenting with our twitter commentary of matches, which can be found on the sidebar; at some point we hope to conduct commentary live and on-site.

Now is the most appropriate time to conduct an internal review of Pass and Move's progress. We fairly exploded onto the scene, quickly reaching the 150 visitors mark by our second day in operation. After that, numbers have dwindled until reaching a steady if relatively unspectacular 10-30 viewers a day. If there's something on Pass and Move that's turning away prospective readers, please feel free to tell us about it, so we address it.

Stats above are a week old

One of the most surprising things for us was the sheer volume of overseas viewers. PM's subject matter is relatively restricted; we cover the Australian national team and the Australian domestic league, so of course an overwhelming majority of our hits originate from Down Under. Yet we've had nearly 100 visits from the United States, 20 visits from the United Kingdom, and dozens of viewers from East Asian nations. About 1/4 of our hits originate from other shores.

These stats above are from a week ago

We'd like to once again thank all of our readers for their support, urge them to contribute feedback and comments on our articles to help Pass and Move improve its level of analysis and commentary and ask our readers to help spread the work about Pass and Move. 

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