Friday, 14 October 2011

It's the new millennium

We'd like to announce that Pass and Move have just crossed the 2,000th page view point, which means PM has doubled the amount of hits in half the time it took to get to 1,000.

We'd also like to thank all those readers who have contributed vital feedback to PM, in the form of much appreciated comments, reactions under posts, and voting in our sidebar polls (we have quite a few so scroll down, and the 'most exciting match' polls will be used to determine which games receive a full Match Analysis and which ones are given lower priority, so vote if you want your club's matches analysed).

We'd also like to draw attention to the 'which club do you support poll' - so far Sydney FC is kicking ass and taking names, Adelaide and Perth are yet to get on the scoresheet, while Victory, with the largest fanbase in Australia, has only 1 vote, and as for the Premiership poll - predictably enough the Roar is loudest. Thank you for your participation, and please help spread the word about Pass and Move. You can find PM on Twitter or on The Roar Opinion Website, but your best bet is actually right here.

We're going to try to get a Match Analysis or at least a HT Impressions on the Round 1 Adelaide v Perth match, but no guarantees. Expect a Round 1 Review and a Round 2 Preview, but we all have other things to attend to, so we'll ask for our readers' patience and understanding.

PM would like to gauge interest in our readers towards contributing articles about their favoured clubs. If you're a rabid fan with a bone to pick, or just a casual observer with an interesting idea, come forth and we'll look at accommodating you. Articles about the match-day experience will be especially welcome.


Faithful said...

Great stuff PM - can't wait to see your pre & post-match analysis for the Victory v Adelaide game.

As apparently the lone Victory supporter - all I can say is carn the mighty Blue n White!

Pass and Move said...

Thanks for your support Faithful

Well its time to rally your fellows - there's club pride at stake!

VIctory and Adelaide is going to be interesting, as neither were particularly stellar in Rd 1. Should be a cracker