Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Round 4 Team of the Week

Just to switch things up a bit, here is PM's Team of the Week for Round 4, in the fashionable universal default of 4-2-3-1. Do your heroes make an appearance? Add your own suggestions in the comments below.

Just as they do in the standings, Brisbane dominate selection, with no less than five representatives.

Broich was outstanding, his ability to provide the crucial pass to unlock a stubborn defence a major contributor to Brisbane's game.

Berisha was excellent, bagging a double brace and the A-League's fastest hat-trick, his pace and physicality creating space for the Roar's midfield.

Jurman is gradually building a reputation as the best centre back in the league, allying assuredness in possession, pace and intelligent positioning.
Even though he only played 45 minutes, Jurman was immensely influential during the game, with his distribution out of the back line initiating the passages of play which led to Berisha's first half hat-trick, twice to Stefanutto and once to Broich.

Stefanutto is often dismissed as the worst Brisbane fullback going forward, but he re-energised that debate with a marauding performance as a wingback, putting Slory and Susak to shame.

Theoklitos did not have much to do on the weekend, but depite failing to keep a clean sheet, he was reliable in distribution.

Sanchez has been in impressive form as the trequartista of a delicious looking Nix attacking trident. His creative ability and flair in close quarters looks to be in the same class of the departed Marcos Flores. The Nix have the tantalising prospect of Daniel, Ifill, Bertos and eventually Pantelis jockeying for selection alongside the 'Best Little Spaniard in Wellington'.

Wilkinson's return from injury has resulted in a return to form for Central Coast; coincidence? Don't bet on it. His partnership with Dutch veteran Zwaanswijk looks set to reclaim the title of the league's most miserly defence.

Marrone was outstanding supporting the Heart's attack but everpresent in defence. Heart supporters should savour it while it lasts, as a move to Serie A  for Michael will surely eventuate if he continues in his reliable form.

Kisel has reclaimed the position as the beating heart of the Sky Blues midfield, with his adeptness in possession liberating the attacking talents of Nick Carle. Again, why did they ever let him leave?

Rigters looks like a predator. His incisive presence cutting in from the wing looks positively lethal. Rigters looks like a player that won't stomach losing, and if necessary, he'll drag his team to the finish line solo.

Miller continues his turn as the only redemptive feature of Ferguson's frankly anachronistic tactics, with his vision, creativity and long range passing ability a class above his competititors; the A-League's own Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso or Michael Carrick.

Does your hero/FIFA 12 Arena player miss out? Submit your own team of the week in the comments below.

It's hardly the most objective of litmus tests, but it's still interesting that of the Rd 4 Team of the Week, only 5 are Australians, and that 5 form the entire back line + goal keeper.

Again keeping in mind the subjectivity inherent in formulating a Team of the Week, perhaps the Foreign/Australian player divide reflects a trend within the A-League to use the Visa slots on attacking/creative players which the State Leagues are not as regularly producing.

A quick look at Wikipedia's list of Visa players reveals that every club has one foreign player that can be classed broadly as a 'defender', though for Wellington its a keeper, for Adelaide, Gold Coast and Victory its an attacking fullback. Brisbane, Central Coast, Perth, Newcastle and Sydney have filled a Visa slot with a nominal centre back. Heart have recruited a foreign defensive midfielder. Newcastle have a defensive fulback. 

The overwhelming majority of Visa players can be described as 'attacking' or 'creative'.

Hardly a relevation, but still worth considering.


Hamish Alcorn said...

Looks good. You pretty much kept the entire left side of the Roar (indeed the side that produced the 6 minute hattrick), so it's hard to complain, but I still don't know how you could leave out Paartalu.

Pass and Move said...

I had Paartalu initially, but then I remembered it was Jurman's initial passes that started the passages of play for Berisha's 1st half hat-trick, twice to Stefanutto, again to Broich.

Tried finding your blog but your profile is locked, can you link it ?

Bela Guttman said...

Marrone is a true joy to watch. It's better than watching the scoreboard for a Heart fan anyway:(

Pass and Move said...

Hilarious and yet tragically poignant. For a Heart fan anyway ;)

Keep the faith Bela, I genuinely believe, with the football JVS is playing, that Heart will figure in the Finals. (So long as Lady Luck stops being such a b**ch about it).

Chuckie said...

As good as Broich was, as a roar fan who was at the game, i'd say Nicholls had a better game, involved in 5 of the 7 goals. Though i'd pretty much pick the whole roar midfield over any other in the league this week.

Pass and Move said...

Thanks for the comment Chuckie, can I ask how you found out about PM?

Good point, Brisbane were brilliant. I gave the spot to Broich for how Brisbane dealt with Susak by ignoring him, which was a fairly pivotal tactical move