Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Big One-oh-oh-oh-oh.

A couple of days ago, Pass and Move reached the magic landmark of 10,000 hits. This would be an appropriate time for some introspection.

I'd like to convey my gratitude to those of you who have supported this website in its inception. PM started as a diversionary hobby, but it seems to have taken tentative steps to becoming something more, something worthy of truly fulfilling it's manifesto; to elevate the level of discourse about football in this country.

There are a number of people to thank. Firstly Asho, Khaki, Desmond and my family for their technical and moral support. Without these guys, PM would have stayed a 'shooting the breeze' idea on a park bench.

Then the multitude of football fans who really engaged with the idea of PM, and took it upon themselves to widen awareness. Forgive me if I've overlooked your contribution, there are so many to acknowledge, but thank you Hamish, Buddy Farah (who generously gave of his time, initiative and effort to redesign PM's logo and banner), Faithful and Moss at, Forbze, TomC and Fussball and the guys over at The Roar, Katie, Becks, Kieran and Kyle the AET podcast lads, MVFC news, WindRainPhoenix and Bela, basically everyone who has left comments of support, re-tweeted posts, ducked into forums and told their friends about something interesting they'd found on Pass and Move. Truly, without each and every one of you, this site would not have gotten anywhere near 10,000.

I'd also like to thank Michael and John for their very gracious letters of support and encouragement, which will soon be put to use. PM in particular owes a great debt to the work of Messers Cox and Wilson, which are regularly referenced.

Season 7 has barely begun, so there is definitely more analysis and commentary to come from Pass and Move. Hopefully, football fans all over Australia can come to enjoy it. 

PM has recently undergone a major aesthetic renovation; readers will be able to indicate approval/disapproval in the 'reactions' of this post. If there are technical difficulties encountered, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

In commemoration of hitting 10,000 views, a new and fascinating feature is being introduced; the Members initiative on the left sidebar. From now on, readers will be able to join Pass and Move as Members, contributing to and expanding the debate, and accessing instant alerts for new posts and articles. Becoming a Member of Pass and Move is quick and pain-free; simply click on 'Join this site', select either your Blogger, Twitter or Google account, and you're in the club. If there is enough interest, perhaps a PM forum can be implemented in future.

Cheers and thanks again for your support. 


Faithful said...

Well done mate - hopefully you reach the one-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh in no time! (think i got that right)

Site looks great

Axelv said...

I am not making this up but I was actually the 10,000th visitor :)

Pass and Move said...

Cheers Faithful. Appreciate it man

Pass and Move said...

Haha I'll take your word for it Axelv. Thanks