Monday, 14 November 2011

Match Day: Brisbane

A couple of months back PM asked any readers if they were keen to write 'match day experience' pieces, as a way to give a window into the life of a dedicated Australian football fan and the various subcultures of the disparate A-League clubs. No one replied. Until Hamish of Football Down Under and Beyond, a hardcore Brisbanite, put his hand up. 

Now I wouldn't want to take away any of his audience by posting his article in its entirety, so instead I've linked back to his original site, which any true Roar fans should have bookmarked already.  

If there are any other fans of the other A-League clubs eager to write something similar, do get in touch, and PM will look to accommodate you. Nice work Hamish. 


Hamish Alcorn said...

Pass and Move, I am overjoyed that you've associated yourself with my blog. I hope your readers enjoy the excursion into the land of partisanship and amateurism.

Whether you do this link thing again or not, I'll make a point of doing some sort of match day report for at least the live games I attend. You are welcome either to link them or post them in full. My blog's audience has never been huge and I'm not precious about them. Actually I'm very keen that they all discover good quality blogs like your own.

Normally these pieces will be much less about the game, as frankly I'm not entirely comfortable yet talking about tactics and play. The recent influence of your own blog is probably reflected in the relatively tactical nature of this particular piece. So expect me to talk about crowds, sociological issues and football politics as well.

With that in mind I encourage yourself and your clever readers to criticise my tactical thinking ruthlessly. The object for myself is to learn.

When it comes to tactics, at this time I hope you excuse me if I call you, 'sensei'.

Cheers. :)

Pass and Move said...

Again, you're far too kind Hamish. I look forward to more reading more Roar posts.

I don't know everything there is to know about football - Pass and Move is as much about my own attempts to learn and discover.

Thanks again