Sunday, 6 November 2011

Blog Rule

Pass and Move recommend interesting/fascinating posts and articles, from abroad, to our audience Down Under.

The work of On Goals Scored is nothing less than Art. I really implore you to see for yourself. Here is an astounding exploration of the crests of all twenty Premier League clubs. Here is a beautiful tapestry depicting all 64 clubs to have competed in the top flight of English football. Here is another tapestry which brings home the utter dominance of the Old Firm in Scotland. Here is an info graphic demonstrating how insular the battle for the Premier League title has become. Here is a tapestry showing all English clubs in European competition. The ultimate apologist's guide for Peter Crouch. And last but not least, a graph showing the various state of affairs during the most recent Survival Sunday.

Here is an article by Tim Vickery detailing the possible woes of Brazil 2014's travelling  schedule.

Football Further take on the Stoke bashers.

Pitchside Europe explore the merits of the three-man defence.

11tegen11 have put together a thought-provoking piece exploring the comparison between defensive and offensive records in the Eredivisie.

Note on Round 5 Analysis:
Match Analysis on Adelaide v Heart is coming, it's just taking longer than usual because of how damn tactical John van't Schip is. 

Just want to say thanks to Becks for an incredibly humbling comment. PM has responded Becks so don't feel slighted.

Hilarious post by Executioner's Bong, going after football clich├ęs


Bela Guttman said...

I like the idea of minutes of possession per goal scored and minutes of opponent's possession per goal conceded', much more useful that raw percentage possession figures.

Pass and Move said...

I like the idea of not doing the math for it. Cheers Bela, much appreciated

Bela Guttman said...

you'll notice that I haven't volunteered either:)