Monday, 5 September 2011

Commentary on the Commentary

Philip Micallef posted this article on TWG, examining what Australia have to improve on.
More or less got it spot on, specifically pinpointing McKay's position, lack of width, Valeri and Kilkenny's culpability in the goal conceded and indicated problems with Cahill and Kennedy. Micallef also added low quality of crossing, and also recognised McKay's central role in creating Australia's goals. (He also did it concisely and succintly, without the aid of diagrams poorly made using Microsoft Paint)

Congratulations Philip, you are the only pundit to have got their analysis of Australia's performance against Thailand completely right, and more over, actually suggested concrete and applicable solutions.

As an aside, having only 1 out of 5 pundits able to identify specific problems and suggest specific solutions, is a terrible return.

Andy Harper has written a fascinating article on the traditional influence of Australian public schools in championing rugby union over association football in Australian culture, as the game of the middle class over the working class/immigrants. I was somewhat aware of this phenomenon but not what its past extent was. Having been educated at a similiar "elite" institution, I did indeed play rugby union...but most of my mates played both union and association football. Makes for an engaging read.

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