Friday, 2 September 2011

About Pass and Move

Like many Australians of my generation, I was inspired by the unlikely and courageous victories of the Socceroos at Germany 06. Cahill’s late double to vanquish Japan and Kewell’s late volley to gift Australia its debut in the knock-out stage – these were seminal moments in our national psyche, and awakened in me a hitherto undiscovered passion for football.

Pass and Move is a football blog dedicated to tactical analysis, with a special emphasis on the Socceroos and the A-League, the top flight of Australian competition. It is inspired by the work of Michael Cox on Zonal Marking and Jonathon Wilson for the Guardian, and draws influences from Football Further, the Executioner’s Bong and John Duerden’s column for ESPN Soccernet.

Pass and Move is an attempt to elevate the level of tactical discourse and insight about football in Australia; the central tenet of Pass and Move is to move beyond merely reporting ‘what’ occurred during a match and ascertaining ‘why’ and ‘how’ it was won, drawn or lost.

As observers and football fans, we at Pass and Move still have much to learn about the beautiful game, but we hope to encourage others to broaden their own knowledge about football.

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